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Congratulations to Tucker!

The three year battle is over and a new chapter begins for the residents and future politicians who live here in Tucker, GA.  The community that was almost completely divided by the efforts of a neighboring community and hindered by the antics of its own county commissioner is now the official city that many people already thought it was.

What will change?  Who will run for office?  Will the outsourcing companies that wanted to work with Lavista Hills now start courting the Tucker leadership?  If so, will Tucker listen or go its own way?  There are many questions to be answered but the biggest one has been settled.

Is Tucker ready to become a city?  We hope so because voters have now given it the power and authority to do so. 

Save Tucker! was never an anti-city effort.  In fact, it was our members who asked for the original placeholder bill, so we started out as a group wanting to know what we could do to protect our boundaries.

When the first map was presented that did not even protect the entire Tucker zip code, we had serious doubts and concerns about who was behind the incorporation effort.  And when we couldn't get simple questions answered, we became more wary of the intentions of those behind the city effort. 

The map is a large, sprawling territory that has great diversity and widespread issues such as poverty and poor performing schools inside it.  Perhaps cityhood will help to improve the areas that are struggling.  Perhaps good intentions will pave the way to better days for many of the loyal homeowners who voted for incorporation.  We hope the city does not become so expensive that those very people who voted to protect Tucker will no longer be able to afford to live here.  Start saving your money now, Tucker.  The future is still uncertain, but it will be more expensive that living here today.  That much we know for sure.

We wish everyone who lives in Tucker, as well as our neighboring communities, the best.  Maybe now the fight can be put aside and the healing can begin. 

Thank you to everyone who voted, regardless of which side you decided to support.  Our vote is our voice and we should always remember that it is something we must use and protect.  And, we'll be doing a lot more of that soon.  City elections will be right around the corner. 

So, Tucker, it's your city now.  What will you do with it?

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