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Polling Results Not Released Yet, but Here's a Preview of What We Learned So Far

We polled 100 Tucker residents before the Governmental Hearing last session. We have not released the results yet as we are waiting to hold additional polls if/when the issue comes up again so we can compare the two results and monitor any evidence of a significant change that might indicate a trend in public sentiment. Now that more people are aware that they were almost forced into a city they didn't ask for, we wondered if they were also buying into the reasons that were being given out as the reasons.

I can tell you one thing that was very clear, though, regardless of whether or not people indicated they wanted or did not want a city, the issues being raised by the city advocates were not correlated to driving a person's opinion, positive or negative. That, to me, is a big problem. People who were in favor of a city in our area (30084 was only zip code in the study for summary purposes, but we did gather information from the entire Tucker feeder pattern attendance zone), w…