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Will They Stay or Will They Go? (DeKalb's Plan for 285 and L'ville Highway and the Extended Stay Hotels)

Two and a half years ago, concerned neighbors began meeting about our issues with the motels at 285 & Lawrenceville Highway. We reached out to County leaders and have met with them a number of times. 

Dekalb County sought a technical assistance grant from the Atlanta Regional Commission to study the area and make recommendations for next steps. It has been a very difficult process, and we have often felt discouraged, but we have persisted. We have not seen any of the recommendations for this grant, so we have no idea what to expect. 

DeKalb County is ready to share their overall findings/recommendations with all of us. An Open House Meeting has been scheduled for Thursday, June 2nd, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at Rehoboth Baptist Church.

It is tremendously important that we have a good turnout for this meeting. They need to see that we still have a high level of concern and engagement. Please share with your neighbors.
--  Jack Sartain

Why You Need to Party Hop NOW!

Georgia may be a conservative state, but that does not mean it does everything the "old fashioned" way.   Let's just take today, for example.  Today is the primary election for many important offices throughout the county of DeKalb.

And, even though you might normally think of a primary election as the time when each political party gathers their registered voters together to vote for the best potential candidates to square off against one another in a general election, that isn't how we do things here in Georgia.  Nope.

Don't ask us why because that would require someone to do some more research on that topic and currently our research department is a bit understaffed and over-committed.  So, let's just skip the "why" part and jump right into the good stuff....


So, you are probably wondering what all this non-traditional rule bending might mean for you, the DeKalb County voter who lives somewhere near what is currently …

Tucker Day 2016! The Time is Now!

Tucker Day returns to Main Street Tucker on Saturday, May 14th.  Enjoy a grand parade plus musical entertainment throughout the day.  Some of the acts include the 80ators, The Young & The Elder, Bill Turpin & Shoulderbone Creek Orchestra, Back in the Saddle, Scene of the Crime and Flat Rock Swing. The event will be held from 9 am to 5 pm. For more information, visit

Soon-to-be-Dissolved by the State: Tucker Civic, Tucker 2014, Tucker 2015, Tucker Together and Tucker Business Association

We're not sure what is going on here, but thought you would like to know about these local non-profits that are in danger of being dissolved.  Is the new city government planning to take over all these responsibilities so that volunteers will not be involved in matters that we previously had a lot of local control over?  (like zoning, permitting, etc.) 

A simple review of the Secretary of State's website shows something is going on in Tucker since the community voted to become a city - all of its notable non-profits are now at risk of being administratively dissolved.  You can try it for yourself here.

It is also interesting to note that many of our newly elected council members, including the Mayor, have been linked to many of these groups or relied upon their endorsements and support in order to get into office in the first place. 

But, here is an overview of what you will find:

Tucker Civic: Has not paid its annual dues to the state of Georgia since 2014.  Currently on …