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Questions for "Lakeside" Still Relevant Today

More than two years ago,  Save Tucker! posed questions to the Lakeside City Alliance, as you will read in the post below that was originally published in the Tucker Patch.  These questions were a combination of all questions submitted to us on our Save Tucker! Facebook page as well as questions the organizers of Save Tucker! had for Oliver Porter and the Lakeside City Alliance.Now called "Lavista Hills," and slated for a referendum vote on Tuesday, November 3, this group will be meeting once again to answer questions tonight at Lakeside High School. You can read our questions below and decide if they were ever answered to your satisfaction.  If not, you might have a chance to ask them one last time if you decide to attend the meeting.  But you must submit them in advance to: remember, you are under no obligation to sign in or provide any personal contact information at this meeting.  If you do, you should be aware that many people who have follow…

Is Brockett's HVAC the Only "Oversight" on the SPLOST IV List?

In the news recently, there were reports about one school in Tucker, Brockett Elementary, that has gone without air conditioning in several classrooms since the beginning of the school year.

The story aired on two local stations:


and CBS-46:
But, the reporters didn't cover something else that was brought to their attention... WHERE WAS THE SPLOST OVERSIGHT COMMITTEE IN ALL THIS??

Save Tucker! is checking further into this "oversight" by the Oversight committee and we have learned some things already that parents in Tucker might find concerning. For one, there is, once again, no one from Tucker on this oversight committee. But, that's nothing new.

What is new, however, is that apparently a city advocate who happens to live in a home that is directly adjacent to Lakeside High School's property, has somehow ended up on this committee without any sort of public process…

Tucker 2015's Frank Auman Exposed as a Jive Talkin' Lobbyist!

Vote No on Nov. 3 to Frank Auman, a jive talking lobbyist who doesn't even live in the current boundaries of Tucker. His front group's new map takes on expansive territory with a shaky financial plan that could put the entire region at risk of a state takeover and permanent division.

With a $4 million budget for administration alone, the boutique city would add a new layer of bureaucracy that will only add to the corruption problems already impacting DeKalb County and the entire metro Atlanta region.

Frank Auman was hired based on a plan that originated in the office of former County Commissioner Elaine Boyer, now in federal prison for defrauding her constituents.

Don't be fooled by her plan, Tucker. Vote NO on NO-NO-NOVEMBER 3!

Residents Ask: "What is the Problem?" and "Will Cityhood Fix It?"

In reviewing the public comments portions of the Tucker, Lakeside and Briarcliff meetings before the House of Representatives back in 2014, we found some speakers who made some excellent points (and others who didn't make much sense to us at all.)  
We'll post some of those transcribed comments here and others we will post on our YouTube channel in case you want to catch up with all the things that happened as our Central DeKalb communities were faced with the issue of a cityhood referendum.

So, first, we give you the comments from a resident who found himself in the boundaries of both the Lakeside and Briarcliff maps (which were pretty close to identical except for Briarcliff wishing to take the Emory campus and take the city limits right to the borders of existing cities of Decatur and Avondale Estates.

Here is Ed Ewing from the "Amberwood" neighborhood inside the perimeter of 285, what's now being claimed by "Lavista Hills" and slated for a vote, a…

Is Tucker 2015 Officially Dissolved?

This pretty much explain why we have not heard a peep out of the former Tucker leaders:  Michelle Penkava, Frank Auman or Anne Lerner.  They are the official names registered as "Tucker 2015," which seems to be already dissolved, or in the process of being dissolved.  According to the notice provided on the Secretary of State's website (which anyone can run a check on any business free of charge), the group had only 60 days from May 9, 2015, by which to renew their registration as a non-profit in the state of Georgia.

Written into their own registration papers is a clause that states what happens if the business is dissolved.  It says the money will be distributed to a 501 (c) 3 company that serves the same or similar purpose (like Lavista Hills Yes, for example).

So, first we found this:
And then we see a renewal that changes the attorney's name on all the paperwork back over to Michelle Penkava's name.  And the attorney's address on Brockett Road is chan…

Have You Heard the One About the Long Lines for Permits?

You have likely heard people in the pro-city group Tucker 2015 talking about how long it takes to get a permit in DeKalb County,  right?

Or, maybe you heard Lavista Hills leaders talking about the permitting issue and the Tucker city group basically retelling the same story but with a lesser ability to sound convincing that this was truly an issue for our mass concern.

If you did try to press them for details, you would have thought that this entire idea about them taking over this services  must be a joke because if you ask them for details, they suddenly clam up.   Blank looks on their faces, they would look at each other... stumped for how to respond.

Decide  for yourself.  Here's what we asked at a meeting held in Dec. 2014, during the short time frame they allowed in a small group type of setting after the meeting.  We stood around a large easel and flip chart with a proposed map of Tucker attached to it and several Tucker 2014 members stood there, chatting with those who …

UPDATED: Szubski Lands Project Manager Position with JE Dunn Construction

It seems that congratulations are in order for two of Tucker's most "upwardly mobile" residents:  Ben and Sonja Szubski, active promoters of the city of Tucker effort since it started.  We wanted to make sure our readers were aware of how there is a real and very serious connection between the leadership driving this city effort, and the development groups seeking to tear down and destroy (so they can then buy cheap and rebuild) what we know and love about Tucker.
First, here is the announcement from JE Dunn Construction:

Ben Szubski Joins JE Dunn Construction as Project Manager Press release from the issuing company
Monday, June 30th, 2014

Ben Szubski is extending his 18-year career in construction by joining JE Dunn Construction Company as a project manager, the company announced.

Szubski’s responsibilities at JE Dunn include cost control, issuing and maintaining subcontractor contracts, maintainin…

Tucker Northlake CID - How Hard Did They Really Try to Gain Your Input?

The DeKalb County Board of Commissioners and the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) have approved the comprehensive Master Plan created by the Tucker-Northlake Community Improvement District (CID) to identify opportunities to create a vibrant, walkable and economically thriving Tucker-Northlake. The document will serve as a blueprint for the future commercial development of the area, and was created following months of site visits, market studies, community meetings and public input solicitations by consultants Sizemore Group of Atlanta. It identifies one- and five-year priorities for the 2,600-acre study area, as well as suggested long-term projects and potential funding sources.

“With this week’s approval from the Board of Commissioners and the ARC, we can now begin seeking federal funds to start implementing priority projects within the CID, including the Northlake business district, downtown Tucker and the Lawrenceville Highway corridor,” said Ann Rosenthal, president of the Tucke…

Parents complain about lack of air conditioning at school

Posted: Sep 03, 2015
By Adam Murphy

 TUCKER, GA (CBS46) - The school year got off to a sweltering start for students in one school district. Buses rolled out of Brockett Elementary in DeKalb County Thursday after a long, hot day of school. Cheryl Miller said many students have been without air conditioning in their classrooms for several days.

 “This could have been avoided, it should have been avoided,” Miller said. “I think what started out as a small avoidable problem has now just blossomed into chaos.” According to parents, the A/C hasn’t worked in the building all year. It’s one of many issues at Brockett that prompted Miller to send her only child to private school.

 “Something like this where the A/C has now completely gone out, I think in five or six classrooms, could have not only been predicted, but it could have been avoided if we would have stuck to the SPLOST schedule,” Miller said.

 Records show the school was slated for a new HVAC upgrade in August of last year, to …

Franchise Fees TWICE the Cost You Pay Right Now as an Unincorporated Area

by Ed Williams
June 25 at 1:35am

Cities Franchise Fees which are paid by the consumer are twice that of non-incorporated area. 

Franchise fees are fees passed on by utilities, and cable companies to governments for rights of way for utility lines, and pipes to pass through public lands. It appears on your power bill, phone bill, Cable bills and Gas Bill. It is not charged on Cell phone bills or Satellites Bills.