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Just Like That Your Privacy Was Sold

Here is a helpful link to the way the US Senate voted today on allowing ISP (or Internet Service Providers) to collect data on every person in their database and now they  can SELL that data to "advertisers."

The only hope for stopping this bill is to ask the President to veto it.  He is not a big fan of "wiretapping" which this is very similar to, but he also is a little busy right now.

It should really tell you something,though.  When Congress wants something, they find a way to get it done.
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Charges Dropped Against Former CEO of DeKalb; New Charges Possible for Barnes-Sutton

From By Mark Niesse at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Mon., Feb. 6, 2017:  Former DeKalb County CEO Burrell Ellis was finally freed of corruption charges Monday after a four-year saga that included two trails, an eight month prison sentence and a successful appeal.  Read more here.

Tues, Jan. 24, 2017:  Federal prosecutors have issued a subpoena seeking information about more than $30,000 of spending by former DeKalb County Commissioner Sharon Barnes Sutton.  Read more here.

Water Bill Town Hall - TONIGHT at 7 p.m.

Water Bill Town Hall - TONIGHT at 7 p.m.
Cheryl Miller from Brockett Heights · Just now
Oct. 6, 2016:  If you have had issues recently with your water bill, or suspect that your water meter has been tampered with, changed or otherwise left to report inaccurate or unreliable data back to the county, PLEASE try to attend tonight's meeting at 7 p.m. The location is 1300 Commerce Drive in Decatur.

Commissioner Nancy Jester is hosting the town hall, but residents from all districts are invited to attend. If you have been victimized by over the top/inaccurate billing, please plan to speak up in order to document for the public record the extent of errors and overcharges that have occurred. DeKalb County has a new Interim Financial Officer now and perhaps there will be a solution to this ongoing problem that has not been offered or suggested in the past. Do not give up!

Your water is a VITAL county resource that you P…

Updates From Save Tucker!

Hi Save Tucker followers!

It has been a little while since we updated our blog, so we wanted to let you know that we're still here and we're still following the issue of new cities in the metro Atlanta region.  We try to give you our two cents on most of these topics, as often as possible.  But, even being prolific bloggers and involved citizens, we still need a break sometimes.  Plus, we wanted to give the new city of Tucker a chance to really get up and running before we started to point out anything that might be a cause of concern.   Since we live here, we are very hopeful that our new city council members and the mayor will be the upstanding citizens they want us to believe they are.  And, we want to believe that they have the best interest of all Tucker in mind with every decision they make.

Of course we are still skeptical because of things like this: 
Yes, that's three of our elected city leaders trying to evade a simple question just a day or two before the vot…

Taxpayers and Voters are Unhappy with Commissioner Barnes-Sutton:


If you DID NOT vote in the last election, do not despair, you can STILL VOTE in the July 26 Runoff so long as  you were registered to vote at the time of the first election.  To have a say in this runoff, you will need to ask for a "Democratic ballot" for you to cast your vote on.

From the desk of the group "Unhappy Taxpayers and Voters," we received the following:

To DeKalb Teachers and Georgia Teachers:

Commissioner Sharon Barnes Sutton (of the 4th District in DeKalb County) has a long history of arriving to work late (Commission meetings and/or committee meetings) and/or not showing up at all. We ask that you review the following records (prior performance and work history/records of arriving to work on time and/or showing up) and ask if teachers that are not elected officials could get away with the same violations:

How ma…

Lakeside Has More "Bad Apples."

Note:  We continue to follow this story because Save Tucker! was told by a follower that this particular principal was specifically selected by the same individuals who were involved in the push for a Lakeside City.  Their plans would have devastated the Tucker community by splitting it up and leaving some without any commercial tax revenue in their region to help keep their own property taxes affordable.   We want others to understand that the decisions these self appointed leaders wanted to make would have been bad for everyone, regardless of where you lived.  They made decisions based on the old-school DeKalb corrupt way of doing things.  The methods that have left their own community to clean up and fix the messes like this one... bringing in a principal based on who he knows, not what he knows.  Maybe now they will stay out of the schools AND regional politics?  We can only hope.    This article below is from the AJC: After ouster, DeKalb paid ex-principal while he didn’t work

LaVista Hills Loses Its Steam

In an email sent to its supporters this week, Lavista Hills Alliance announced that it is closing down some of its operations and suspending some of its campaign activities.  They also alluded to a long-forgotten challenge they once made to the accuracy of the vote that sent Tucker toward incorporation and sent them home empty handed.  

According to the email, which was forwarded to us by an anonymous source, Lavista Hills' leaders are still holding out hope that the state department will issue some kind of a final report, telling them whether or not they found any fraud in connection to their allegations against the DeKalb Board of Elections and its Superintendent, Maxine Daniels.   

Save Tucker! followers may also recall that we, too, had questions regarding the fairness of some of the voting procedures taking place in DeKalb, mainly the allowing of candidates onto ballots without properly verifying their stated place of residence.  We  had very compelling evidence that more t…