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Township Legislation Introduced in Both House and Senate

From Atlanta Progressive News:

Rep. Dudgeon, Sen. Ligon Introduce Township Model for GeorgiaJanuary 28, 2016 photo credit: APN

(APN) ATLANTA — State Rep Mike Dudgeon (R-Johns Creek) introduced HR 1051, a constitutional amendment to create a township form of governance in Georgia.

State Sen. William Ligon (R- Brunswick) introduced SR 724, an identical resolution in the State Senate.

The proposed amendment would create a township with limited powers and services.  Towns would have the power of zoning and regulation of land use and development, with property tax rates capped at 0.5 mills.

County governments would still provide police, fire, water, sewer, and other necessary services to the township.

“I believe our state needs a township model where local citizens can vote to create a community and exercise zoning authority without taking on the services and tax burdens of a full city,”  Rep. Dudgeon said in a p…

LaVista Hills in Chamblee?

Chamblee, GA, January 28, 2016 – by Trey Benton – Could areas that were part of the failed 2015 City of LaVista Hills referendum who supported Cityhood be annexed in to the City of Chamblee? Perhaps….if advocates can garner enough support to convince Chamblee Officials it’s a good move and if State Legislators agree to support it.

A movement to gain citizen support to annex portions of the formerly proposed map for a City of LaVista Hills, a cityhood effort that failed last November by less than 150 votes, into the City of Chamblee is gaining momentum. And, Chamblee City Officials tell The Post that if citizens can show there is enough support and a logical geographic boundary is identified, they would be willing to give the idea serious consideration.

Is Tucker Getting Same Treatment From the Governor as Other New Cities?

Tucker Voters Listen Up! You Can Start Voting NOW by Mail for Your New City Council AND Your Party's U.S. Presidential Candidate!



As of the time of this article, the DeKalb voter's office has not posted any precinct or map information to indicate who is actually in the city limits of the newly formed city of Tucker, or what district they will even be asked to vote in.  Nice accountability so far, don't you think?

According to the Stone Mountain - Lithonia Patch, the early voting in DeKalb has begun. 
By Tim Darnell (Patch Staff) 

January 24, 2016 9:58 am ET ATLANTA, GA -- Voting in Georgia for this year’s presidential preference primary has begun, 20 days ahead of the Iowa caucuses and 28 days ahead of the Feb. 8, New Hampshire Primary date. Georgians who want to vote now for a presidential candidate in the Democrat or Republican preference primaries can do so by voting a mail-in absentee ballot.

"In Georgia, we have a s…

Summary of Recent Legislative Commitees on Annexation, Deannexation and Incorporation in Georgia

House Study Committee on Annexation, Deannexation and Incorporation:

This study committee has already completed its meetings. Same info/attachments that are included for the senate study committee

-Final Report: House Study Committee on Annexation, Deannexation and Incorporation

Senate Study Committee on Annexation, Deannexation and Incorporation:

Both this and the House Study Committee were formed to examine the current process of incorporating new cities in Georgia and propose recommendations on whether that process should be improved upon. Materials:

- Final Report:  Senate Study Committee on Annexation, Deannexation and Incorporation

- ACCG’s Recommendations to Enhance the City Incorporation Process in Georgia

- Revenues that Switch from a County to a City upon Annexation or Incorporation

- Georgia Law on Incorporation

Thank you to the Association of County Commissioners for posting the above information. 
See more here.

Study finds “city-lite” concepts like Tucker unconstitutional

by Brent BarronNeighbor Newspapers December 31, 2015 A senate committee released the findings from their study last month and found that “city-lite” models, such as with the newly formed city of Tucker, contain unconstitutional provisions.

The Senate Annexation, Deannexation and Incorporation Study Committee was called for by Senator Elena Parent of District 42 last summer with appointments to the committee made by Lt. Governor Casey Cagle.

“I thought it was time to take a look at the formal process or lack-thereof of the formation of these cities to see if there were ways to make the process more uniform, transparent and fair,” Parent said. “I served as chair and we heard some really solid input and testimony from a variety of groups and I am hopeful some of the recommendations we made will move ahead and be made into law.”

The city-lite concept in question allows for a limited number of services to be provided compared to the larger number provided by traditional …