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Conspiracy Theories

Many times we have been called "conspiracy theorists" whenever someone wants to try to discredit us.  But, what exactly do they mean by this term?

con·spir·a·cy the·o·ry:   noun; plural noun: conspiracy theories:  a belief that some covert but influential organization is responsible for a circumstance or event. Is this what they mean?  If so, then, yes, we are exactly that.  We believe that a group calling themselves "Lakeside City Alliance" is responsible for many of the circumstances we are presently witnessing in our community of Tucker.

It's hard to deny that if Lakeside City had never been proposed, we would not be talking about a city of Tucker, a city of Briarcliff and probably not even a city of Stonecrest.

Do we have a personal vendetta against anyone in particular?  No.

Does anyone connected to the city efforts for Tucker, Lakeside, Briarcliff, Stonecrest or elsewhere have any personal vendetta against us?

Well, on the surface, it certainally appear…

Save Tucker! New Website Starts to Set the Record Straight

This is the new website for editorial content posted by members of the group called "Save Tucker!"  We were started as a Facebook page, and were forced to take our efforts behind the walls of a Facebook closed group when many individuals continued to harass and insult the people who liked and commented on our public page.

This site will provide a historical reference to anyone interested in how the issue of creating new cities in Central DeKalb County came about and why there are many of us who are opposed to more government at this point in time.  And, mainly, we seek to call attention to the glaringly obvious facts that should cause anyone to reconsider their own decision to support the group known as Tucker 2014 or Tucker Together or Tucker 2015:

They are non-transparent, have unclear goals, leadership that resides primarily in small pockets of our community or even outside of what is traditionally called Tucker.  They have not…

History in the Making

There can be more than one side to every story.  In the case of new cities and how they were started in Central DeKalb County, there are multiple stories designed to confuse or overwhelm voters so that they don't show up to vote at all, allowing the small, politically motivated few to control the outcome at the polls.  If residents do turn out to vote, then the small groups claiming to represent them are hoping to convince them to vote for something based on incorrect assumptions, invalid arguments or simply out of fear.  This blog site has a simple mission:  to give you the truth.

We need to set the record straight.