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TRANSCRIBED: Shakleford to Friends, "What Do You Think About Maybe Annexation. And, You Know, We're Next to Chamblee."

If you haven't heard, a portion of the former Lavista Hills movement (which is also formerly the Lakeside City and City of Briarcliff initiatives) has not stopped pushing for a city, any city as long as it is not in any way related to Tucker, even after losing in the referendum vote this past November.  

So, far, we have heard them say that they have:
Trimmed up their map, calling it the "North Lavista Hills" area, basically cutting things off at Briarlake Road, but taking in all the commercial not already in Tucker, most notably the Northlake Mall which they have said they do not shop at themselves, Brought back Mary Kay Woodworth to lead the effort until she quits, again, Cut out some of the areas that they initially claimed were the ones to start the city movement (like Oak Grove, Sagamore Hills and areas near Lakeside High), Cut off the 21 acres of forest land from the residents who fought to save it, Cut out Alan Venet (Briarcliff movement) and Kevin Levitas (Lakesid…

Tucker Civic Leaders Release Official Statements Against Incorporation. So, What Changed?

At the District 2 Candidate Forum, Tucker Civic posed a question to a candidate, Tom Gilbert, about his ability to serve as a city council person if he was originally opposed to the incorporation of Tucker as a city.  

We would like to remind our friends at Tucker Civic about something they may have forgotten ...  their only official statements about cityhood for Tucker have been ANTI-CITY. 

Read on for a reminder ...


Beth White Ganga, vice president

Reprint of statement first run in the online newspaper, The Tucker Patch.

Bruce Penn, president of the Tucker Civic Association, and Beth White Ganga, vice president, have released a statement about a proposal from the Lakeside City Alliance to create a city that includes western Tucker and the consequences it could have on the Tucker community:

Several years ago, the Tucker Civic Association initiated a community-based exploratory group to determine the feasibility of incorporating Tucker into a city.  Th…

Look again... Tucker's Strongest Supporters May Not Even Live Here!

We understand that the city vote is over, but we still think the Tucker community deserves to know the truth about how we got where we are today ...   a city voted for in a referendum and elections  taking place in under a month (March 1), runoffs March 29.  We got here based on a lot of involved people ... some of whom we are now finding out don't even live in Tucker at all.
On the home page of Tucker 2015, you will find this photo (below) which appears to feature the smiling, happy faces of the Tucker residents who fought to incorporate the small town community into a city, right?  Well, look again... most, if not all, of them are not Tucker residents at all.

These are not the ONLY Tucker city supporters with residency issues!  Stay tuned ...

Lavista Hills Resident Admits He Was Hired to "Help" Tucker 2015

You may have heard about the security breach recently with the Secretary of State's office and your voter information file, but ... did you know there is a more direct link between the new city plans and that data breech?
It seems that Tucker 2015, all about local control, couldn't find the right "local" person to run their political campaign, so what did they do?  Well, they hired a political consultant firm that just so happens to be located in ... Lavista Hills
And, it wasn't just any ol' political consultant, this particular consultant, which residents were never told that their feasibility donations might be used to fund, just so happens to be the same, small firm, Apache Political, that received one of the very confidential data disks from the state Elections Office.  It's not clear if they received it via their work as a consultant, via another affiliation with a blog site on politics, or via personal connections. But, whatever the case.…