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It's the End of Tucker, As We Know It.

Before you vote on Nov. 3, make sure you know exactly what you are being asked to consider.  Tucker, by the new boundaries, will include a lot more people than what you might realize.

Just take a look at a search that was run on the state's website for "Section 8" housing.  Here is a look at the available housing in Tucker, as defined by our single zip code, 30084:

Progress... at What Cost?

Published on Jul 9, 2015 The Scott Boulevard Baptist Church steeple and cupola put up a good fight in the final demolition stages of the mid-1950's era church north of Decatur Georgia 7/8/15. The demolition crew broke three cables, had to reposition the anchor points twice and in the end needed two backhoes linked together to pull down the stout steel reinforced structure. A Decaturish reader who provided the video wrote, "She dropped her hat, then knelt and fell. RIP Scott Boulevard Baptist Church.”

And this (see video) was done for a good reason, right?  Some call it "progress."  But, who said progress had to hurt?  This was the result of greedy developers who want yet another multi-use development.  And, it is thanks to leaders in our government who were willing to cave to their demands.

Here are some suggested new slogans for DeKalb County's revamped government ...

More people, fewer churches, less guilt. 
There is no need for churches when the god you wors…

Brookhaven City Councilman Warns DeKalb County Residents about What Lies Ahead

Jim Eyre, the first ever elected councilman for Brookhaven who later resigned and stepped down from his seat on the council, warns DeKalb County residents about what could lay ahead for them if they approve new cities.You can watch and listen to his speech,  already cued up for you, here.

Here are the highlights of his speech:

1.  Yes, it is a new layer of bureaucracy stacked on top of the one we already have.
2.  There is no independent ethics board.  It is all handled through the city's attorney and the city council itself.  The potential offenders are the same ones overseeing the ethics.
3.  Confusing - who to call for various services.  It is another layer for everyone to hassle with.  It is intertwined with the county services and providers.  Are the services being provided in such a manner that adding this new layer is worth it?  In most cases, the cities are having to turn to DeKalb to provide the services anyway.
4.  Fast moving city council is pushing things so fast that peopl…