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WOW! Before Evansdale Dumps Doraville for Good, They Might Want to Read THIS!

Ever since we heard Tucker 2015 leader Frank Auman say that Tucker was willing to give up its rights to Northlake if the Lakeside City folks would concede everything outside the perimeter, we were curious about what he might know that the rest of us didn't.

We know that Tucker's claim to the Evansdale area, which really started with its inclusion in the 2010 Census designation for Tucker, is what fueled their outcry to join Lakeside City (now being called "Lavista Hills).  But, we also heard some rumblings that their true reasons for wanting the association with Lakeside was purely related to their school cluster  pattern than anything else.

Now, looking at the  map that Lavista Hills ended up with, the school system could be more likely than ever to redistrict some of the Druid Hills cluster schools to Lakeside.  That would mean pushing Evansdale into the Tucker cluster, regardless of what city they eventually end up in.   When you consider the fact that many of the Lak…

Mr. Levitas, Did You Know Where Tucker Was When You Represented It?

From the time of the first announcement ever made about a "Lakeside City" (now called "Lavista Hills), we heard the name "Kevin Levitas" associated with it.

It wasn't clear if he was the leader or if it was Mary Kay Woodworth, or possibly both of them together in a typical PTA type of shared credit, deflected blame.  But, what we did NOT know until much later was the very long standing love/hate relationship that Mr. Levitas has with our community.

We don't know or understand all the factors that have gone into his crusade to destroy Tucker any more than we can understand a politician who switches parties but maintains that his own philosophy on life has remained the same (which was also something Levitas did, along with others including our own Governor of Georgia).

But, what is downright outrageous and possibly even deceptive to our Central Dekalb citizens is the fact that Levitas, who has publicly stated his confusion over what exactly is and is …

Robo Calls Coming? Here's How to Handle Them

Many of our Save Tucker! residents have been asking about what they should do if they receive a "Robo Call" from a political "think tank" such as Rosetta Stone, a local group that is known to be working on behalf of the LaVisa Hills (Lakeside) group.   There are many people who live in Central DeKalb County who have fought against their inclusion on the Lakeside (Lavista Hills) map and they are receiving some of these automated calls right now.  
While the tendency may be to take the call and answer the questions, first consider the following:
1.)  Who is behind the call and/or research?   If they are not identified in the call up front, then the call is illegal.  Hang up.  If you have caller ID, you can report the number to the FCC by filing a simple complaint.  The link for the form is at the bottom of this article for your ease and convenience. 
2.)   What will the researcher do with the results?  If you have any concerns about how your response may be used, yo…

This is the "Culture of "Fear and Intimidation" that SACS Warned Us About

If you have ever wondered if the schools in DeKalb were really "that bad" that SACS had to be called in, just look at how the adults in DeKalb are behaving right now and what the process for creating cities in the state of Georgia has been turned into.  People being pitted against one another and politicians stepping back and waiting for the right  moment to offer their own spin, for a price.  Savior to one group, demon to another.  It keeps them in office and keeps the novices at bay.

There is nothing more precious to a parent than his / her child.  And they had to mess around with education, didn't they?  There is no single more important investment one makes in a lifetime than his / her home.  They have to mess with that now, too, don't they?  The only one service that everyone agreed was working just fine was garbage collection, so they had to go and mess with that, too?

There is very little that can be said that has not already been said.  If they do not know h…

LaVista Hills (The View) Finds an Audience for Season One!

"We just got together at a dining room table and decided we needed to start a city!"  
That's all it took.  Plus, a few years, dozens of maps, multiple name changes, tens of thousands of dollars and land grabbing from our neighbors to satisfy our own political agendas, and wa la!  Look at us now! It's official.  
We're LaVista (The View).  Hills, That is. 
And, if you don't like us; we don't care!

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