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District 1 Commissioner Elaine Boyer Resigns

Save Tucker! asks:

Does THIS ....

... have anything to do with THIS???

Do Tucker's Schools Serve Tucker Children?

Many parents in Tucker are frustrated with the school system in DeKalb County right now.  While there is nothing new about  upset parents here, there is a new undercurrent brewing in this Central DeKalb region and it's related to the movement for incorporation that started with a group called the Lakeside City Alliance.
Lakeside is a high school that was actually built in 1964 to relieve overcrowding at two schools:  Briarcliff High School (which has since been closed and sits vacant on North Druid Hills and Briarcliff Road in Atlanta) and Tucker High School (which has been torn down and completely rebuilt but still sits in the same location as it did when it was first built more than 100 years ago).  
Briarcliff and Tucker served vastly different populations when they opened.  One was for the "city" kids and the other was for the farm kids.  As the areas were both growing closer to one another, the need for an additional building was apparent as the baby boom generatio…

Were Real Concerns of Residents Intentionally Overshadowed?

When the fight to create a city of Lakeside was first brought to the public's attention via a Yahoo Discussion Page created by the Alliance Founders, a brave resident, Jordan M. Fox, used the open forum posting format to attempt to raise awareness about a very serious zoning, permitting and safety issue that was taking place at that very moment in time.  She returned to the bulletin board online to ask for help, share concerns and raise awareness for a very serious matter that could have long term implications on multiple neighborhoods.

Unfortunately, her challenges to the newly self-proclaimed leaders went unanswered and eventually her comments tapered off as no one in the small circle of followers (at that time) seemed to be particularly interested or concerned.  Now that there has been widespread construction, road paving and utility work throughout the entire Lakeside / Sagamore / Briarcliff /  Briarlake / Oak Grove area, we thought this issue might be worthy of a second look…