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What is the Alinsky Method?

Note:  This method has been used to run a variety of public meetings in DeKalb County, not just in our schools.  It's designed to lead audiences and therefore the public at large to pre-drawn conclusions that they later believe was actually the will of the people.

A common characteristic of these meetings is the "write your question down and pass it to the front" method of public comment that we saw so much of during the city meetings around the county.  The leaders at these meetings are able to then pick and choose which questions to ask or which ones to ignore.  Or,  in some cases, they asked the person who wrote the comment to raise their hand for some  point of clarification.  If the person did raise his/her hand, they were subjected to a form of ridicule from the leader and his/her helpers who are planted around the room, often standing in the back to appear more authoritative that the audience on the subject.

Don't let these tactics sway you.  Rather, they sh…

The Media Gets It Wrong, Again!

The news media falsely reported that a crime was committed in Tucker, simply because they were getting information from the police HQ, which is located in Tucker. This is not the first time this has happened.

Save Tucker! posted the correct locations based on the addresses given by police from the beginning.  (see above.)  We asked for a retraction.  We have also asked local media to  please be more careful in their rush to get a story on the air.  Many Tucker residents were on edge as they were being told the carjacking happened in their community.

Because this subject did come up again, it gives us another opportunity to point out to the residents of the proposed Lavista Hills that they should seriously be worried about the plan to form a department separate from the county to take care of their  police needs.  Check out this map that shows how close they already are to quality police response:

Save Tucker! would also like to thank Decaturish for getting the location right and repo…

Elaine Boyer's Crimes Against Us Were Not Limited to Just One Scheme

Will the FBI investigate the other schemes Boyer was involved in during the time she was desperately seeking money, taking from taxpayers, scheming with her husband and conspiring with this "consultant" for private gain?   What ELSE was she doing during this same time frame?  
We know one BIG thing ... she was helping start a city of Lakeside by conning the residents of Tucker into a meeting that was a bait and switch sales pitch to promote Lakeside.   
When that didn't work, she helped establish groups to lead the Tucker city effort while preventing honest volunteers from participating.  We know she was involved in the map drawing that gave up parts of Tucker and took on parts of Smoke Rise, a community in Stone Mountain with political connections to Duwoody.  
It was the only cityhood initiative to start by giving up commercial (high dollar, inside the perimeter retail that resides in Tucker's own zip code) and taking on large swaths of low income residential multi-fa…

Bad Apples Don't Fall Far From the Tree in DeKalb

You may have heard recently about the accusation that DeKalb County government is "rotten to the core."

It's an interesting choice of imagery, isn't it?  Since apples are commonly thought of in the context of the school system, this particular statement is a reminder to many DeKalb residents about the close call we had with the school board that was reprimanded by SACS and then removed by the Governor. Why, though, are we not reminded about the particularly bad job our own school board member did at the time all of these SACS violations were taking place?  Perhaps because that particular board member was a very well known PRO-LAKESIDE leader who even threw his own neighborhood under the bus because of something that was going to be good for "Lakeside."  In fact, the one school that was NOT complaining about the school board members, probably because they were fairing pretty well compared to everyone else, was LAKESIDE.

Our  best example of what LAKESIDE le…