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Task Force Makes Recommendations in DeKalb

Is this it?  The months of meetings and we're given THIS list?   

Where are the observations about the impact of potential new cities on the rest of the county?  

Where is the description about the new software that allows various scenarios to be mapped out and their feasibility studied instantly?  

Where is the  part that talks about the importance of schools or how the refugee population is going to be served when all areas of unincorporated land become parts of new or existing cities?  

Well, for what it is worth.... here is what the AJC reports as the final recommendations of the Operations Task Force.  Read the full story  here.

RECOMMENDATIONS OF THE DEKALB GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS TASK FORCE Hire an internal auditor to review county finances and hold government officials accountableAppoint members of the Board of Ethics through citizen groups instead of elected officialsSuspend the use of county purchasing cardsRequire the county to adopt a purchasing code through the DeKalb Commiss…

DeKalb County's District 5 Still Without ANY Local Representation

On Dec. 23, the DeKalb County Board of Commissioners once again could not fill the empty District 5 seat.

Commissioners are divided about how to fill the seat. Commissioners Larry Johnson, Sharon Barnes Sutton and Stan Watson want to approve the nominee by interim CEO Lee May.

Commissioners Kathie Gannon, Nancy Jester and Jeff Rader say they are concerned about the process and don’t want May to appoint his own successor.

The man in the middle of the political impasse is Lithonia resident George Turner Jr., president of the District 5 Community Council and former legislative aide in District 43 of the Georgia State Senate.

The vote on the appointment was deferred on Aug. 12 and Aug. 26. On Sept. 9 there was no vote because there wasn't a second to the motion.

On Sept. 23, Oct. 14, Oct. 28, Nov. 4, Nov. 9 and Nov. 18 the appointment failed to get the four votes to pass.

For a map of the County Commission Districts, click here.

Full article at The Champion here.

House Boundary Committee Says, "Bah, Humbug" to City Feasibility Reports

This time last year, Santa delivered a feasibility report to the Tucker 2014 team, headed by then-President Sonja Subzuski who has apparently stepped down.  Now speaking for Tucker 2015, a new group, is a combination of  people without a clearly named leader.  
This year, the AJC reports that Rep. Buzz Brockway, who led a committee on boundaries between Tucker and a proposed Lavista Hills group, says "I wish I was Santa Claus, and I wish I could give everyone what they want, but as you all know that’s not possible.  I hope that this map allows both groups to move forward, understanding that they didn't get everything they wanted.”

That statement isn't necessarily true.  Smoke Rise got what it wanted.  They prevented Stone Mountain from being able to annex their neighborhood.  As downtown Tucker business owners, they prevented the Northlake shopping district from being the economic engine of a city of Tucker, thus allowing a future city council to lead more discussions ab…

CEO Ellis Retrial Scheduled for June 1; Interim CEO May Still at Helm

Written by Valerie J. Morgan 
On Common Ground

Suspended DeKalb County CEO Burrell Ellis will get a retrial on June 1, according to an order by Superior Court Judge Courtney Johnson.

The order, signed on Dec. 9, follows Ellis’ first case, which ended in a mistrial in October after the jury could not reach a unanimous decision on any of the 13 counts against him.

Ellis is accused of pressuring county vendors to give to his election campaign and threatening to take county contracts from those who didn't. Ellis, who has maintained his innocence, is charged with bribery, theft, extortion and perjury.


Meanwhile, Lee May continues to oversee the county as its interim CEO. May, who was appointed last year by Gov. Nathan Deal as the trial got under way, has said he plans to continue moving the county forward. He will hold the CEO seat until a verdict is reached in the Ellis case.

Read more:  On Common Ground

What will DeKalb County be like after the Interim CEO finishes  the work  the…

Simple Times; Complicated People

The following are my personal notes from a meeting that was held nearly two years ago, not too long after Tucker residents first learned about the plans for a Lakeside City that would essentially cut Tucker in  half and forever prevent us from incorporating.

My, how time does fly.  It's interesting to look back and reflect upon what the people were reporting back in May 2013 and how many of the topics suggested back then are still part of the conversations we were hearing today. 
The most telling part of this post is that most of the areas that were in attendance at the meeting were speaking about the incorporation effort as something unfamiliar to them.  
 Please note the highlighted points and reflect upon where we are with these cities today.  While some residents in Dekalb are just now getting their wake up call on this issue, we have been following it for literally YEARS of our lives.
"Said the night wind to the little lamb.,...  
Do you see what I see?  Do you know what…