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Save Tucker Asks for Reality Check on Tucker's Boundaries

Upon hearing about today’s planned press conference, we call upon our local delegation and the members of the House and Senate who are involved in the process of creating new cities to please defend the known and easily identifiable borders of our existing zip code designations of 30084 and 30085.

Please note that there are NO SUCH COMMUNITIES existing today called by ANY of the names that have requested your time and attention other than our known community of Tucker.

However, it is URGENT that we bring to your IMMEDIATE attention that the maps so far presented by Tucker 2014/2015 are NOT what is currently known and recognized by most residents as Tucker.   And, if they agree to give up some of the most valuable property in our map in exchange for large swaths of residential areas without any supporting commercial, please reject their plan because that is not an acceptable compromise.   It is a set up for failure.

Please accept this email as a plea from the actual residents who have Tucker addresses that you ask every group meeting with you, including Tucker 2015, for their justification for taking ANYTHING away from TUCKER, but also for adding ANYTHING to TUCKER as well.

We never asked to become a huge, sprawling city.  Most of us moved  here because we liked living in a small town!   We have been loyal, enduring residents in a county in turmoil.   While the North and the South have battled one another, we have grown our community to what it is today.  We do not wish to be caught in this firestorm but we do intend to fight ANY ATTEMPTS to remove our historical property and divide our residents against one another.  We do not want to become just like the other cities that have formed.   That is not the type of community we identify with and, if it were, we would have moved there already.  We like Tucker the way it is RIGHT NOW.

It is a  horrible feeling to know that your neighbors and friends are now seeking to boost their own self worth at the expense of the community that has always welcomed them, and anyone else, with open arms, not closed doors.

THE SAME people who are telling you they cannot work things out with Tucker are the ones who previously represented us in the House in years past or ran for office in the Senate and hoped for our votes.  And every  person from every group that has been asked to meet today’s deadline knows exactly where Tucker is located.  We have shared school board districts and soccer practice, swim teams and commissioners.  There was NEVER any confusion about where people lived.

There should not be any confusion on that subject today, either.


Save Tucker From Lakeside City!

ATTACHED IS A MAP OF TUCKER placed on top of the boundary map we think is being submitted by Tucker 2015.   

ALSO ATTACHED IS A MAP OF TUCKER, marked with pins so you can see where the people pushing for new cities live.  You will note that VERY FEW of them live in Tucker but they are being allowed to make decisions about our area.

PLEASE bring a reality check to this process.

Thank you!

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