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Lakeside - You Already Have Everything, Why Do You Want MORE?

So, Lakeside and Braircliff are now one group and they want to move forward toward forming a city together. Are you amazed that these rivals are suddenly finding common ground?

Well, we're not. In fact, we've been telling you that this was their plan all along. One of them plays the "bad guy" and one of them is the "good guy," and it just depends on your perspective which one you believe is which. In reality these folks all run in the same circles, play in the same tennis leagues and sit on the same boards and task forces together all the time.

 They understand that a true two party system is what usually provides the best outcome for the majority of the people who live under that system and therefore, a successful city should have a balance of Republicans and Democrats who can behave themselves and work together for the good of their constituents. If they did not know this, they would not be very educated in the history and workings of politics, would they?

So, they are giving you an ILLUSION of  a good balance of people and policies.  They gave you a FALSE rivalry so you would be happy when they finally agreed to merge.  But,  WHO are they really?  

But, in fact, they are not only familiar, they ARE the very same people who have been involved in politics in our area for a VERY long time.

Consider these little tidbits:

1. Key members of Lakeside and Briarcliff live only a few houses away from one another.

2.  Lakeside High is ON Briarcliff Road.

3.  Lakeside City's map IS the Lakeside High attendance zone.

4. Key members of the "Lakeside" group have actually served on civic boards, business groups and legislative positions where they were representing Tucker.  Now they don't know where Tucker is?   They sat in on the 2006 feasibility discussions for Tucker and didn't raise the questions about not having a clear understanding of where Tucker is located, did they?

5. Now they have negotiated an agreement (with themselves) to leave out Emory (which they didn't want in the first place) which was the only big difference between them and Briarcliff.  Once they reveal their combined map, it is likely to be EXACTLY what they wanted from the beginning - a way to screw Tucker out of its historical rites to anything inside the perimeter.

They BOTH want everyone to jump on board with the idea that the last hurdle is to get Tucker to a mediation and work things out because if they can do it, we should, too.  Simple as that, right?

 No! Wrong! There should be NOTHING to negotiate. Tucker is Tucker. Period. 

If they want to start a city, then do it without taking anything that is currently located in the Tucker zip code. That is a clearly and logically defined border. Leave us out! We've asked you to leave Tucker out from the very beginning of this mess, so what are you not understanding? Can we borrow the President from Emory who convinced you to leave them out? Can we borrow someone from Victoria Estates to speak for Tucker?

 Because somehow when hundreds and hundreds of people showed up with a unified message: "Don't Touch Tucker!"  on March 25, 2013, at the meeting called by Commissioner Boyer, the message didn't get through.

They claimed that Tucker had unclear borders or non existent lines that meant nothing. They said we should have incorporated a long time ago when we had the chance and now we are too late. But, wait a minute... if WE didn't know about what THEY were planning, then WHY would it have made sense for us to incorporate sooner?

 The recession was just hitting and there can't be a worse time to start any new venture than in an economic downturn, but most ESPECIALLY one that relies upon PROPERTY TAXES in a REAL ESTATE CRISIS !  Sounds like Tucker was realistic.  Lakeside, on the other hand, is a school with some leaders who even served on Tucker civic boards.  They saw the Tucker feasibility report from 2006 and have used every insight in it against their neighbors in Tucker.

Don't feel sorry for the upper 1%, folks.  Their T-Rex will eat you for dinner!


If you get mugged, do you stop and ask the guy if you can try to come up with a reasonable plan that will leave you both with something rather than him taking all your money and shooting you?  He says he won't shoot  you.  And everyone wants you to be  happy about that great negotiation?  Weren't you better off  before when you had your money AND your life?

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