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LaVista Hills Loses Its Steam

In an email sent to its supporters this week, Lavista Hills Alliance announced that it is closing down some of its operations and suspending some of its campaign activities.  They also alluded to a long-forgotten challenge they once made to the accuracy of the vote that sent Tucker toward incorporation and sent them home empty handed.  

According to the email, which was forwarded to us by an anonymous source, Lavista Hills' leaders are still holding out hope that the state department will issue some kind of a final report, telling them whether or not they found any fraud in connection to their allegations against the DeKalb Board of Elections and its Superintendent, Maxine Daniels.   

Save Tucker! followers may also recall that we, too, had questions regarding the fairness of some of the voting procedures taking place in DeKalb, mainly the allowing of candidates onto ballots without properly verifying their stated place of residence.  We  had very compelling evidence that more than one candidate in Tucker's city election did not reside in the location where they had claimed to live, but the matter was not investigated by the local election board nor the Secretary of State's office.  Pity.  

Even more concerning was the fact that Tucker's city elections were not announced publicly via the official new organ in the time frame required by state law, which is likely the reason there were so few challengers in Districts 1 and 3 willing to run against the pro-city group, which ended up securing its seats and the Mayor's seat as well, essentially locking in their needed block for group-think voting.  But, more about them later. 

For now, we thought you might be interested to read some excerpts from the Lavista Hills email and decide for yourself if they sound like a powerful group ready for a comeback, or a defeated minority finally accepting that they cannot force their will on the masses, even if they do have a Republican Senator and lots of dark money on their side! 

  •   "We read in the June 22nd AJC that the Secretary of State's office has opened an investigation into the primary election in Clayton County. Many of those issues mirror our November referendum problems. As you may recall, the DeKalb Registrar's office had some computers confiscated and there were allegations that memory cards containing the ballots were improperly handled. Additionally, there were questions about absentee ballots as well as locked access to some of the polling places. The fact that the investigation has been ongoing for seven months indicates that there may have been significant irregularities found – but we still do not have a target date for a final report."

  • Regarding our web presence, we will continue updating our LaVista Hills Yes Facebook page with news that is pertinent to our area, but will be suspending our web site over the next week.

  • From what we are hearing in the background, the existing cities are planning to commence with renewed annexation plans.*  

*Has anyone else heard anything about existing cities having annexation plans? If so, please tell us about it in the comments!  (And, at least Lavista Hills / aka Lakeside City folks have accepted the fact that they must now be "in the background."  That's progress, right?)

And, finally, they mentioned something about Tucker having a July 1 "start up" and wishing us all the best.  If we have a July 1 start up, what exactly have we been doing all this time, practicing?  When exactly will the new city actually "start" and what does that mean?   We will try to figure out this baffling question which should have a pretty straight forward answer, but nothing in this city fiasco has been easy, yet, so we wouldn't want to get our hopes up.   There is at least one city council member we know we can count on ... so, we will pose the question and get back with you soon on the response we receive. 

Hope you are enjoying your Summer so far!   Keep reading and staying up to date via our Facebook page:

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