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It's the End of Tucker, As We Know It.

Before you vote on Nov. 3, make sure you know exactly what you are being asked to consider.  Tucker, by the new boundaries, will include a lot more people than what you might realize.

Just take a look at a search that was run on the state's website for "Section 8" housing.  Here is a look at the available housing in Tucker, as defined by our single zip code, 30084:

 Tucker as it exists today.  Easy to identify and the zip code and postal designation WILL NOT CHANGE, regardless of whether or not any new cities are approved in our area.  Tucker will still be called Tucker.

Tucker's zip code has a few areas with Section 8 housing readily available, according to the state, but look what happens when the new city boundaries are included in the search (see below).
Here is the new version of "big city" Tucker, as divided by its suggested city council areas.  Note:  the largest area in terms of voters and sheer land mass belongs to the real, wanna-be politicians who live in Smoke Rise, an unincorporated Stone Mountain collection of neighborhoods.  Do these folks really care about what happens to Tucker in the long term?  Well, you can ask yourself how much did J. Max Davis care about Brookhaven?  Answer:  long enough to gain some name recognition and wait till a political seat was open higher up the food chain that he could run for.  Same thing happened in Dunwoody with former city councilman Tom Taylor, now the state Representative sponsoring the Lavista Hills cityhood bill.  These are the people who want their cities to work in order to give them a good name in politics.  But, why didn't they do the same for Tucker?  Instead, they would rather support the concept of a Lavista Hills or Lakeside City, a community that currently does  not even exist, except in name only.  They chose to support that concept instead of backing a city for Tucker.  That should send us some pretty big red flags that Tucker is not expected to work under the plans and the map that has been drawn for us  by a committee and tweaked b y Dunwoody Senator Fran Millar.  Just look at what they are okay with calling Tucker (see below):

The same search for Section 8  housing was run using 30083 as a zip code, which is currently called "Clarkston."  Everything from Ponce DeLeon to Highway 78 that is NOT in our Tucker zip code would now be added to Tucker.  Can we afford the high costs associated with this large population, most refugees who do not speak English?  What are the costs?  And, more importantly, why didn't the city advocates bring up this subject at any of their meetings?   Why didn't they want to talk about their plans for taking on these new residents?  Do they even know or understand the costs involved for a city with the issues that, until now, only the city of Clarkston has really had to face on a large scale.  

If you don't know how we will do it, how can you vote in favor of this newly created city boundary?  Answer:  You can't and you shouldn't.  But, you still need to show up and vote NO because there are plenty of people who won't know what's on the ballot until they get to their polling place.  They will think that "Tucker" still means "Tucker."  When  the reality is that a vote in favor of a city of Tucker will mean the end of Tucker as we know it.

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