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Mr. Levitas, Did You Know Where Tucker Was When You Represented It?

From the time of the first announcement ever made about a "Lakeside City" (now called "Lavista Hills), we heard the name "Kevin Levitas" associated with it.

It wasn't clear if he was the leader or if it was Mary Kay Woodworth, or possibly both of them together in a typical PTA type of shared credit, deflected blame.  But, what we did NOT know until much later was the very long standing love/hate relationship that Mr. Levitas has with our community.

We don't know or understand all the factors that have gone into his crusade to destroy Tucker any more than we can understand a politician who switches parties but maintains that his own philosophy on life has remained the same (which was also something Levitas did, along with others including our own Governor of Georgia).

But, what is downright outrageous and possibly even deceptive to our Central Dekalb citizens is the fact that Levitas, who has publicly stated his confusion over what exactly is and is not considered to be "Tucker," actually served the state legislature at one point as a TUCKER representative.  He also served as a leader for the TUCKER Civic Association and the TUCKER Business Alliance.

Unless Hill Manufacturing once had its storefront in Tucker, we don't see any reason why he would have been a part of either our civic or business groups.  Unless...  Mr. Levitas himself has actually resided in Tucker.  Or, if he once considered ALL of the Northlake area to be a part of the Tucker economy, which would make sense because there is not now, nor has there ever been, a community known or imagined that has been called "Lavista Hills" in this area of the county.

Isn't "Lavista Hills" really the area that no one can actually pinpoint on a map or decide where it stops or starts (not even the legislators sponsoring the bill for it as recently as THIS MONTH when they made MORE changes and had to argue between the House and Senate about who was right).  Isn't it funny that a community, with known and well recognized borders, designated by its own zip code that hasn't changed since zip codes were first invented, that has traffic signs on Interstates and Highways and festivals and parades named after it would be something that a politician can't locate?  Isn't it even more bizarre when you learn that he was once the person said to represent that same area?

Isn't it downright infuriating to now learn that both his name and Woodworth's name have been removed from the board listings for their "non profit" advocacy group?  Because, we all  know what that means...  If you do find yourself in the boundaries of their newly drawn city map, you will not only be voting for or against "Lavista Hills," (the "replacement services" arm of your government) but you will likely be voting for or against them to be the new leaders in  your area, officially.

If you do end up under the rulership of Levitas, just hope that he doesn't forget about you next, the way he forgot about "the lost city of Tucker."

So,  did he join Tucker's planning groups just because he wanted to use the data to defeat our small town?  Or, more likely, has he just been bitter about losing his re-election campaign and now he wants to bring harm to our area as a result of our foolish decisions?

What will happen to Lavista Hills if the voters elect Levitas?  Or, perhaps even more entertaining will be, "what happens to them if they don't elect him???"    Stay tuned!

Here is the bio we found on a government transparency website:

Kevin Levitas
Full Name: Kevin Levitas
Gender: Male
Family: Wife: Claudia; 2 Children

JD, University of Georgia School of Law, 1993
BA, Middlebury College, 1987

Political Experience
Representative, Georgia State House of Representatives, 2006-2010

Caucuses/Non-Legislative Committees :  No caucus information on file.

Professional Experience
Former Prosecutor, DeKalb County
Vice President, Hill Manufacturing, Incorporated
Special Assistant United States Attorney
Former Legislative Assistant to Speaker, United States House of Representatives

Member, American Jewish Committee, present
Member, Anti-Defamation League, present
Member, Board of Directors, Southeast Region Anti-Defamation League
Member, Northlake Community Alliance, present
Former Board Member, S.E.E.D.
Member, Tucker Business Association, present
Member, Tucker Civic Association, present

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