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Do you Consider This to be Leadership?

 Maybe we have leaders in Tucker that are so unique, they don't worry about when their terms begin or end.  Or maybe we have citizens so trusting of their leaders that they don't worry about things like voting for leaders on a regular schedule, or nominating people to take on critical roles for groups that are given a lot of power ...

... like the Tucker Parent Council, which was suggested as a group that should help name our next Superintendent of Schools.

... Or, the Tucker Together group that was the supposedly "non partisan" and "non biased" overview group to present Tucker's options when faced with an invasion  from nearby Lakeside City Alliance leaders

... Or, the Tucker 2014 group that was the advocacy group for cityhood that no one ever voted on in terms of their mission or their leaders  (even though we we re told by Tucker Together that we would be able to make this decision as a group).  This is the "group" that turned out to be just one person who was sent into a room with seasoned politicians, lobbyists and attorneys and given the green light by the legislature to go ahead and begin negotiations and bartering on behalf of the entire 27,000 or more people who currently live in the community of Tucker, without their knowledge or consent.

... Or, the Tucker 2015 group that took over when Tucker 2014 made too many mistakes.  This is the group headed by a Smoke Rise resident who speaks for Tucker now, but just doesn't speak to us.

These groups all have a single person frequently leading the group, or advising the leader, at the head of them, every time...  and here she is ....

 Note that in the meeting, it was recommended that you can send a possible nomination to the "nominating committee" by sending an email to "Nancy" at, which is a website, not an email address.  If you go to the website, there is no information about who this "Nancy" person might be or what her email address is.  It does not list the names or contact details for anyone who might be on this mysterious nominating committee or outline the process. It does not indicate when or where an actual vote might take place.  And, in fact, it does not even list who the CURRENT board members are or how to reach them.


If you look at the school system's website, you will get something like this:

 You will notice that the President of the TPC, who is often quoted in the AJC and speaks at other venues on behalf of our schools, is not the person listed.  We have never heard of the person who is listed as the Tucker "Co-President" and we also noted that Tucker is the only group to NOT list their other "co-President."  

We also saw that there is actually someone named "Nancy"  who is listed as the "Emory Lavista Parent Council Co-President."  Could this possibly be the "Nancy" that the audience member was told to contact about nominations for Tucker?  But, that cannot be right, either, because it also lists "Marshall Orson" as the other Co-President and he is actually a school board member now.  It's against the SACS rules and the school system rules for a board member to also be an advocate for a particular education related group, especially a politically involved one such as Emory Lavista Parent Council, so we believe that this listing must be inaccurate.   Although, the name of the group sure makes a lot of sense now, doesn't it?  Emory (Winship) and Lavista (Lakeside).

We alerted many sources about the inaccuracy, hoping that there would be someone who would step up and make the needed updates.  Instead, we were banned from the Parent Council's Facebook page.  

Guess who else  this same "leader" has teamed up with in the past?  
  • Well, for starters there is the partnership with the pro-SPLOST "Friends for DeKalb County Schools" that convinced the voters in the county that they had to pass the ESPLOST tax in order to get the entire school board to stand for re-election at the same time.  That, by the way, never happened.  
  • There is the  partnership with  another involved parent who branched  off to start her own city related group.  That one is "Neighbors for Lakeside City."  
  • Or, there was the duty of being the Campaign Finance person for  a school board candidate while still serving on the "non-profit" Parent Council.  That is something the IRS has specific rules against. But, you cannot get in trouble with the IRS unless you submit some kind of a financial statement, which we assume that the TPC does not do because they do not collect money, don't have any official members and don't hold elections (or at least not since 2012).

To further our numerous complaints about this particular issue, the Tucker Parent Council has an ongoing problem with holding meetings that people actually know about before they happen.  It would be comical if it were not so frustratingly sad.

For example:  Right now the website reads ...
Save the date for the following upcoming Tucker Parent Council meetings.  Times and locations TBD.Thursday, March 5-- Due to the inclement weather last week, this meeting will be rescheduled.Thursday, May 7--

Political lobbyists are paid to work as lobbyists.  If you attend the capitol to speak on behalf of yourself and no one is paying you to be there, you do not have to register.  See the second name on the list above.  

Another issue that we brought to the attention of Save Tucker! followers is that Tucker 2014 was not listed originally as a  non -profit at all.  It was "for Profit."  Who exactly was making money and who was paying them?  Was the community's donated feasibility money used to pay for lobbyists without consent? What else is going on that we are not being told here?

 WHO will benefit from the city of Tucker, if it goes through?  HOW will they benefit?  WHY are we not being told the TRUTH about these incorporated cities?  Why are politicians outside of our own area deciding our boundaries for us and pushing bills forward on our behalf?  

Why is EVERY other group being helped by the "powers" of the current system, except for Tucker?  We're being run over and misrepresented.   You better believe we are going to vote NO. 

There is NO WAY a city that does LOOK like TUCKER or act like TUCKER 
is going to fool ANYONE in our community.  

The self appointed leaders HAVE to be STOPPED!

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