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DeKalb County School Board Member's Emails Show Support for Annexation

Here are just a few highlights of this investigative piece that was reported by Jeff Chirico, CBS Atlanta.

Marshall Orson, a seated board member in DeKalb County, has to answer to some angry parents about his emails with supporters for "Together in Atlanta," a group pushing for annexation into the city of Atlanta.

The annexation would take a DeKalb icon, the Druid Hills High School, and at least two elementary schools into the city limits of Atlanta, while still the residents would still technically reside in DeKalb County.  The Fernbank Science Center and Museum, Callenwalde Fine Arts Center and other parts of DeKalb County would also become new residents of "Atlanta in DeKalb."  

State Rep. Karla Drenner (D - Avondale Estates) says she is shocked to learn that a school board member would seemingly favor something that could 'decimate' the school system.

Annexation opponent Dawn Forman said Orson, as an elected board member, should be opposed to annexation since its expected negative impact on the school system as a whole. "He's done enough damage to our schools," said Forman. "We need people who care about all kids in our schools and not just the school in their neighborhood."

  CBS46 News

   Note: Save Tucker! was started by parents in the community who have worked for the betterment of the entire county instead of just their own schools or their own neighborhoods. We believe that you do not get ahead by stepping on the backs of those around you.  It's not in our best interest to let greed and ambition take over and common sense and humanity fly right out the door.

To read more on this subject and the history of Marshall Orson's behavior prior to joining the board, please refer to:

DeKalb Schools: 'There Is No Plan'    (Marshall Orson meets with  residents to explain what is taking place before the school board's removal.) 

DeKalb Schools in Conflict and Chaos  (AJC reports on the SACS warning about the county's problems with groups at war with each other.)

Tucker Parent Council Debates Probation   (Marshall Orson and Jim McMahan meet with Tucker Parent Council at Livsey Elementary on the evening the SACS report was released.)

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