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Committee to Elect Kevin Levitas Makes Contributions to Currently Elected State Representatives

Kevin Levitas, leader in the Lakeside City movement, isn't running for any elections in 2014 that we know about.  But, there is apparently a group called, "Committee to Elect Kevin Levitas" and they have made a couple of interesting contributions.

First, a contribution to Rep. Amy Carter, the chairman of the committee that must pass any city bills if they are going to take the issue back up in the next year.  Rep. Carter is the person who reportedly penned a letter giving the city advocacy groups until Nov. 15 to submit agreed upon boundaries.   These are not boundaries that have been voted upon by anyone, agreed to by anyone in the public - just a group of former or wanna-be politicians sitting around negotiating the land right out from under our feet.  How does that feel?  Is this how government that is "closer to the people" is supposed to operate?  Do you feel like you have any of that "local control" we keep hearing about?  

Next, the "Committee to Elect Kevin Levitas" contributed to the campaign of well-known ALEC leader Buzz Brockway, the co-chairman of the same House Committee that must approve any city map before it goes on a ballot for anyone to vote on.  Think the city battles are over?  It looks like for some people, a whole new level of game playing has already begun.  And, if just in case you haven't figured it out, the new cities are not intended for those who may be faint of heart or shallow of pocket.

Now to be fair, we don't know for sure what campaign contributions are intended to buy you these days since we are really just a group of ordinary residents in the community of Tucker who are interested in keeping our community together and our county from the verge of total chaos and demise.  

The contributions may have nothing to do with Lakeside City as far as we know (but we can't think of any other reason why an average, ordinary citizen who is just trying to gain some local control might contribute to anyone's campaign or have a committee established to elect him/her to a yet-to-be defined position in a yet-to-be named city.)

If you think your stomach can take it, just check out more of these type of relationships by going to

To hear Kevin Levitas talk about Tucker during his speech to Lakeside attendees, click here.

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