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Save Tucker! New Website Starts to Set the Record Straight

This is the new website for editorial content posted by members of the group called "Save Tucker!"  We were started as a Facebook page, and were forced to take our efforts behind the walls of a Facebook closed group when many individuals continued to harass and insult the people who liked and commented on our public page.

This site will provide a historical reference to anyone interested in how the issue of creating new cities in Central DeKalb County came about and why there are many of us who are opposed to more government at this point in time.  And, mainly, we seek to call attention to the glaringly obvious facts that should cause anyone to reconsider their own decision to support the group known as Tucker 2014 or Tucker Together or Tucker 2015:

  • They are non-transparent, have unclear goals, leadership that resides primarily in small pockets of our community or even outside of what is traditionally called Tucker.  
  • They have not made a charter document public and will not explain who is responsible for drawing their map and why they chose the borders that they did.  
  • They do not appear to have our collective best interest at heart and have turned away many who have volunteered their time to assist them.   
  • They have not revealed how much money was collected in their city effort so far and how it was spent.  
  • They have not revealed who was lobbying at the capital on the behalf of our thousands of residents and they  put forward a speaker who is a clear  political activist seeking to advance the mission of one party over another. 
  • They presented a budget that would include an extreme amount of money for its administrative costs and insist on the need to take over the police services function when most people have stated in their meetings that they are satisfied with the job the DeKalb Police are doing.  
  • They have used certain individuals with influence in the school system to gain followers for the city movement, yet they claim that they have no impact on the schools and will not seek a separate school system as a primary goal.   
  • They are led by many with objectives that are counter to the desires of the core Tucker resident:  development vs. remaining a small town.    
  • And, a big concern:  until we called them out repeatedly, they were listed with the state of Georgia as a "for profit" business, not a non-profit as they previously claimed.  
The transfer of funds from one group name to the next is unclear, as are their personal motivations for starting their own group while neighbors directly across the street who live in the same elementary school attendance zone started a group to oppose them and favor joining a different city.  Is this whole mess really just a neighborhood squabble or is there more to the story?

We will seek answers.  We will post what we learn here.  We will do our best to uncover the people who want to keep our community in the dark and those who want to malign our reputation in the process.   Thank you for reading....  stay tuned ....

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Newly elected Tucker Mayor Frank Auman (center) and four council-members were sworn in to their positions on March 8 at Tucker High School.  The council members represented exactly 2 of the 3 districts.  Despite the fact that they were not bound by any particular charter requirement to do so, they decided to move forward without the conclusion of District 2's election, which was held over by the need for a runoff.

When met with objections, they promptly began holding meetings anyway.  And they hired staff members, specifically lawyers, more specifically lawyers who are experts in election laws and understanding the charter. 

The seats for District 2 were decided in a runoff election March 29. And April 1, the results were deemed finalized by the Elections Supervisor in DeKalb County.  A separate swearing in ceremony was held at Tucker Recreation Center for them.

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If you DID NOT vote in the last election, do not despair, you can STILL VOTE in the July 26 Runoff so long as  you were registered to vote at the time of the first election.  To have a say in this runoff, you will need to ask for a "Democratic ballot" for you to cast your vote on.

From the desk of the group "Unhappy Taxpayers and Voters," we received the following:

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Who drew this map?  We are not really sure.  We stumbled upon it recently while looking for Tucker election results. We do, however, think this map, called "Tucker Township" actually shows a good compromise between Tucker and Lavista Hills that could have worked well for everyone.   It offers a great way to share the Northlake area commercial tax revenue.  So, why didn't anyone suggest something like this  prior to putting forth competing bills in the 2013 and 2014 legislative sessions?  And, why is Tucker's city still being allowed to move forward when it has been called "unconstitutional" by even the legislators who supported it?
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