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Conspiracy Theories

Many times we have been called "conspiracy theorists" whenever someone wants to try to discredit us.  But, what exactly do they mean by this term?

con·spir·a·cy the·o·ry:   noun; plural noun: conspiracy theories:  a belief that some covert but influential organization is responsible for a circumstance or event.
Is this what they mean?  If so, then, yes, we are exactly that.  We believe that a group calling themselves "Lakeside City Alliance" is responsible for many of the circumstances we are presently witnessing in our community of Tucker.

It's hard to deny that if Lakeside City had never been proposed, we would not be talking about a city of Tucker, a city of Briarcliff and probably not even a city of Stonecrest.

Do we have a personal vendetta against anyone in particular?  No.

Does anyone connected to the city efforts for Tucker, Lakeside, Briarcliff, Stonecrest or elsewhere have any personal vendetta against us?

Well, on the surface, it certainally appears that way.  Several individuals have used their power or influence to say some pretty mean and hateful things and they have spread several lies for no other reason than to try to discredit or silence us.

But, do they have a reason for a vendetta, if there is one?  No.

We have never taken any action against anyone individually.  In fact, the only public statements we have made on the entire issue of a city of Lakeside or other cities have been direct admissions of the fact that we do not know who is behind the effort and we would like to find out so that we can ask them questions about their plan.  We have asked questions and many times we did receive answers that we thought were fair and valid and we did not continue to bring up those subjects again.

However, there were some questions we asked that made some of these folks very upset and angry.  We asked again and received answers that were not satisfactory in the least.  When this has happened in the past, we felt it was important information for others to know.  If we are being kept in the dark about who is involved in the creation of cities or how the money raised is actually being spent, then we are already off to a rocky start to a new form of government that is supposed to be better than the corrupt one we have right now.

But, there is one exception that we take to the term "conspiracy theory."   That is the fact that we believe there is more than sufficient evidence to show that the events taking place in our community are more than just theory.  There is a real conspiracy of locally elected officials, backing by corrupt groups of citizens in our midst, big corporate dollars  and it is all against the DeKalb County taxpayer.   There is a plan to take as much of our money as possible and spend it on their own agendas or to further the chances that their own investments will pay off sooner rather than later.

Our only way to truly protect ourselves is to simply vote "no" on whatever they put before you on a ballot.  Vote no to incumbents. Vote no on their plans.  Vote no on any new taxes.  Vote no and continue to do so until you start to see a government that is responsive to the actual community, the taxpayers, not the small special interest groups who lobby for your money and wine and dine your representatives.  Don't fall victim to their game of pitting neighbor against neighbor.  Stick up for each other and vote no until you have elected officials in office who will truly look out for everyone.

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